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Advanced settings in JSON

With Settings > Advanced, administrators can configure site operation by modifying a JSON specification. Advanced users can copy settings from one conference to another and configure aspects of the site not accessible via the normal settings UI.

View settings

HotCRP site configuration is formatted as a JSON object. Settings > Advanced shows the full site configuration as an object with dozens of components. Click on a component to get more information about that setting’s meaning and format.

Modify settings

To modify the configuration, edit the provided JSON and save changes. Errors will be highlighted.

If you save a partial configuration, any settings not mentioned in the JSON will keep their original values. For instance, to update a site’s submission fields and leave everything else the same, you could save a JSON object that only contained an sf component.

Object lists for complex settings

Multipart HotCRP settings, including review rounds review, submission fields sf, review fields rf, and decision types decision, are specified as object lists. These are arrays of JSON objects where each object corresponds to a subsetting. For instance, sf is an array with one entry per submission field, and decision is an array with one entry per decision type.