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all submissions in the search category
“story” in title, abstract, authors
Search uses fields visible to the searcher. For example, PC member searches do not examine authors.
submission #119
submissions in the numbered set with “kernel” in title, abstract, authors
“802” in title, abstract, authors (not submission #802)
“very” and “new” in title, abstract, authors
the same
the phrase “very new” in title, abstract, authors
either “very” or “new” in title, abstract, authors
use parentheses to group
“very” but not “new” in title, abstract, authors
the same
words that start with “ve” in title, abstract, authors
words that contain “me” in title, abstract, authors


title contains “flexible”


abstract contains “very novel”


author list contains “poletto”
more than four authors


collaborators contains “liskov”


selected topics match “link”


tagged “discuss” (“tag:discuss” also works)
not tagged “discuss”
tagged “discuss”, sort by tag order (“rorder:” for reverse order)
matches any tag that starts with “disc”
tagged to appear purple (tagged “purple” or “CS”)


you are a reviewer
“fdabek” in reviewer name/email
four reviewers (assigned and/or completed)
less than three completed reviews
Use “cre:<3” for short.
at least one incomplete review
at least one in-progress review (started, but not completed)
at least two primary reviewers
at least one secondary reviewer
at least one external reviewer
“fdabek” has completed a primary review
has a review requested by you
has a review requested by you that hasn’t been accepted or edited yet
has a review with less than 100 words in author-visible fields


at least one visible reviewer comment (not including authors’ response)
at least three visible reviewer comments
at least one reviewer comment visible to authors
“sylvia” (in name/email) wrote at least one visible comment; can combine with counts, use reviewer tags
has an author’s response
has Rebuttal response
at least two visible comments, possibly including author’s response


“fdabek” (in name/email) is discussion lead
no assigned discussion lead
some assigned discussion lead


“fdabek” (in name/email) is shepherd (“none” and “any” also work)


you have a conflict with the submission
“fdabek” (in name/email) has a conflict with the submission
This search is only available to chairs and to PC members who can see the submission’s author list.
some PC member has a conflict with the submission
at least three PC members have conflicts with the submission
a reviewer of submission 1, 2, or 3 has a conflict with the submission


you have preference 3
a PC member’s preference has expertise “X” (expert)
“fdabek” (in name/email) has preference > 0
Administrators can search preferences by name; PC members can only search preferences for the PC as a whole.


submission is ready for review
submission is incomplete (neither ready nor withdrawn)
submission has been withdrawn
final version uploaded


decision is “Accepted” (partial matches OK)
one of the accept decisions
one of the reject decisions
decision specified
decision unspecified


show tags and PC conflicts in the results
hide title in the results
sort by reverse status
edit the values for tag “#discuss”
like “search1 OR search2”, but submissions matching “search1” are grouped together and appear earlier in the sorting order
display in kanban format
search for “search1”, but highlight submissions in that list that match “search2” (also try HIGHLIGHT:pink, HIGHLIGHT:green, HIGHLIGHT:blue)