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All HotCRP lists are obtained through flexible search. Some hints for PC members and chairs:

The default search box returns submissions that match all of the space-separated terms you enter. To search for terms that start with a prefix, try “term*”. To find some of the terms, type “term1 OR term2”. To find submissions that don’t match a term, try “-term”. Or select Advanced search and use “With any of the words” and “Without the words.”

You can search several categories, depending on your role in the conference. Options include:

Search won’t show you information you aren’t supposed to see. For example, authors can only search their own submissions, and if the conference used anonymous submission, then only the PC chairs can search by author.

By default, search examines titles, abstracts, and authors. Advanced search can search other fields, including authors/collaborators and reviewers. Also, keywords search specific characteristics such as titles, authors, reviewer names, and numbers of reviewers. For example, “ti:foo” means “search for ‘foo’ in submission titles.” Keywords are listed in the search keywords reference.

Search results

Click on a paper number or title to jump to that paper. Search matches are highlighted on paper screens. Once on a paper screen use quicklinks to navigate through the rest of the search matches.

Underneath the paper list is the action area:

[Search action area]

Use the checkboxes to select some papers, then choose an action. You can:

Select papers one by one, select in groups by shift-clicking the checkboxes, or use the “select all” link. The easiest way to tag a set of papers is to enter their numbers in the search box, search, “select all,” and add the tag.

Most screens have a quicksearch box in the upper right corner:
[Quicksearch box]
This box supports the full search syntax. Enter a paper number, or search terms that match exactly one paper, to go directly to that paper.

Paper screens have quicklinks that step through search results:
Click on the search description (here, “Submitted papers search”) to return to the search results. On many pages, you can press “j” or “k” to go to the previous or next paper in the list.