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Tracks give you fine-grained control over PC member rights. With tracks, PC members can have different rights to see and review submissions, depending on the submissions’ tags.

Tracks generally restrict permissions. For example, when the “PC members can review any submission” setting is off, no PC member can enter an unassigned review, no matter what the track settings say.

Set up tracks on the Settings > Tracks page. “Act as” a member of the PC to see how track permissions affect PC members.

Example: External review committee

An external review committee is a subset of the PC that may bid on submissions to review, and may be assigned reviews (using, for example, the autoassignment tool), but may not self-assign reviews, and may not view reviews for submissions they have not reviewed. To set this up:

Example: PC-paper review committee

A PC-paper review committee is a subset of the PC that reviews papers with PC coauthors. PC-paper review committees are kept separate from the main PC; they only bid on and review PC papers, while the main PC handles all other papers. To set this up:

Example: Track chair

A track chair is a PC member with full administrative rights over a subset of submissions. To set this up for, say, an “industrial” track:

Track chairs can run the autoassigner, make assignments, edit submissions, and generally administer all submissions on their tracks. Track chairs cannot modify site settings or change track tags, however.

Example: Restricting submission visibility

Some conferences prefer to restrict submission visibility to assigned reviewers only. To set this up: